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It all started with a simple but meaningful question, He asked: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” She said: YES! And the planning is in full effect.

​​Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience, it's the day you have been hoping for every since you we're a little girl and finally he asked. Although it takes months and sometimes years to prepare for your big day, before you know it’s over!

​​Our Story with Love offers unique products and services that assists in preserving all the memories, from The Proposal, The Planning and of course The Wedding. We offer personalized keepsake books that are stunningly beautiful with a luxe finished, that will be admired and cherished by all.

We offer three keepsake books: "Our Personal Journal"  "Our Story with Love"  "Our Love to You"

Each book is specifically designed for you to follow, our unique creations are beautiful reminder's of all the memories you hold dear. You document the date with "Our Personal Journal" or you can provide the data and we can create "Our Story with Love" for you and "Our Love to You" make great gifts for your guest as well as an everlasting memorabilia for you and your family forever! In addition you have the option to have Your Love Story online with a customized website that will be a replica of your book.


Our Story with Love strives for excellence in everything we provide for you and your love ones. We are a small company holding ourselves to the highest standard and we raise a glass to all the meaningful moments that occur as you plan your special day.

See Sample Books Cover Below

He Asked & 

. . .She Said Yes!

Add a Personal Touch

to the back of your book

All books are personalized to assist you in sharing your journey...your story...your way!



Captivating and Preserving Memories!

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